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Investing in a preventive maintenance program can produce an ROI as high as 545% over the course of a few years. Your team’s ability to correctly develop and implement the program plays a vital role in achieving this result. Learn the fundamentals of PM success so you can minimize downtime and extend the life of your equipment.
The FluidScan handheld oil analyzer is a powerful tool used to monitor water concentration in oil. Find out the 5 tips to get the best results when measuring water concentration with the FluidScan.
As modern machines have evolved, so have the lubrication systems. Today, increasing demand is put upon lubricants in terms of operating temperatures, loads, efficiencies and performance. The oil film between system components is only a few microns thick, invisible to the human eye, so it is essential to control and monitor contamination effectively. Studies have shown that up to 80% of oil related machine failures are caused by contaminated oil, so it is a fact that cleaner oil leads to longer component life and increased operational reliability, but clean oil also enables an operator to detect small changes in online and laboratory analysis, thereby detecting abnormal wear patterns before a breakdown.

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